1. Easier

From the recording Moments


I can’t settle in my head
I'm all burned out
Somethings always off again
Im holding, I'm holding my breath
Watching the sun fall down the horizon now
Suddenly it starts, the feeling that we’re giving up
It's easier than hope
It’s in between my thoughts
The hardest part of holding on is
It’s easier to fall
I can always look to far
Nothing lasts ever just like fickle thoughts
Can I just say no
Maybe tomorrow?
It's all just too much for my heart to handle
I'm losing my mind
With nothing to hide behind
Close to the door
Look through the crack into the light
Its growing in my thoughts
That maybe we're not strong enough
My arms are giving out
I’m clinging for what
The hardest part of holding on is it's easier to fall
When suddenly it all
Just disappears and through the fog
Time keeps going on
When everyone just nods along
It's easier to say nothing at all