1. HotSauce

From the recording Moments


Don't wait, you’ll blink and then it’s over,
I'm running in my nightmares
From what i can't understand
Only time will tell
Guess i'll wait some more
But I can't sit still
When I'm all alone
Yeah I
I'm caught in the headlights
Losing my way
I've opened the lid now
But im feeling so plain
Everybody knows it's just a game but
We’re making up the rules as we’re playing
I won't know until you let me
Well let me
Break free
From everything I wanted
It’s a curse now
Oh line them all up and see
We’re caught between space time
Makes you just realize
I'm under the table
Show me what's real
Why can’t I just take my time?
Won't you tell me how it feels
Tell me how it feels
Well oh no
It's just a race till everybody goes insane
But HotSauce on my pancakes won’t make it
Better, better, It won't make it(3x)
Better, better, you won't make me better, better
You won't make me better
Better, better
Can’t you ever say never
Can’t you ever say never again?